Real Estate Attorney

Funderburk & Lane has over 80 years of combined, active real estate practice, primarily in Lee and Russell County, Alabama. A thorough title examination is the basis for a successful real estate closing. Our examiner has over 35 years experience in Lee County and Russell County and is knowledgeable of the records and indices, as they have changed over the years.
Shaking Hands — Real State in Phenix City, AL

Chicago Title Insurance Company

The firm is a proud agent of Chicago Title Insurance Company which is available to insure any transaction. A lenders title insurance policy is required on most every residential and commercial real estate transaction. Owner's policies are likewise available to cover and protect the buyer in the largest investment most families make.

The firm has conducted tens of thousands of loan closings for virtually every bank, mortgage company and mortgage broker in the Phenix City, Alabama - Columbus, Georgia area. We have also assisted lenders in conducting foreclosures after default.

The firm has a long history of dealing with real property, first acquired in the early 1900s, and the special issues they present with title passing through estates and intestate succession. We have prosecuted Bills to Quiet Title, Petitions to Partition and Petitions to Sale for Division in order to assist our clients in obtaining what is rightfully theirs


You have worked hard to build your business and provide for your family, you have accumulated personal and business property that you want to protect now and preserve for your family. At Funderburk and Lane we have the experience and knowledge of the law that you need. Whether you have decided to incorporate your business or want to explore the advantages a Limited Liability Company; whether you are looking for ways to protect your assets now or looking for ways to pass what you have on to your children and grandchildren, the attorneys at Funderburk and Lane are here to assist you and put in the extra effort to make sure that you are taking advantage of every legal means available to you.