Domestic Law

Divorce Decree — Divorce in Phenix City, AL

Divorce and Custody Disputes

Divorce, custody disputes, paternity actions, child support actions, modifications and contempt actions, these are many times the most heated and emotional cases before the court and frequently they are the most legally complex and complicated. If you find yourself a party to such a case you need legal representation with the kind of experience and depth of knowledge of the law that we possess at Funderburk & Lane.

Favorable Outcomes

The outcome of these cases will determine where your child will live, what will happen with the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate and at times, whether you will be incarcerated for failing to comply with a judge's order. Don't put your fate, your child's fate and the potential loss of your income and property in the hands of the wrong attorney. You need an attorney that will fight for you and protect your rights. The attorneys at Funderburk and Lane have the experience you need and we will put that experience to work for you. Visit us today!